11 days to go, 3 bags, 6 pairs of shoes (at least)

Airline tickets are in hand! (Or, at least, in my inbox). In 11 days, I fly to Quito, Ecuador, where I’ll spend my first week doing an orientation with Fulbright, visiting the immigration office and the US embassy – taking care of ‘paperwork’, and perhaps a little sight-seeing in my free moments. My biggest challenge at the moment? Finding the perfect pair of shoes!


Is this enough bag-space for 6 months?

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So … Why Ecuador?

As I begin to count down the days to an as-of-yet-unspecified day of departure (still waiting for my plane ticket), and I try to rally my strength to get through the cold weather and build my enthusiasm for traveling again, I realize that I have never really shared what made me apply for a Fulbright to work in Ecuador in the first place. Why am I about to pack up my life into a big purple suitcase and move to this tiny South American country for 6 months?

Map of Ecuador - I'll be calling Cuenca 'home' for 6 months. (Source: US Dept of State website)

Map of Ecuador – I’ll be calling Cuenca ‘home’ for 6 months. (Source: US Dept of State website)

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Starting the Year at Home

It’s here – 2015 has arrived. And in a month or so, I’m headed off to Ecuador. I seem to be frequently getting the question: Are you getting excited? The answer: Well, not exactly. Not yet. Under normal circumstances, I would be. But 2014 took a lot out of me, and here, at the start of 2015, all I can say is there’s no place like home. I’m content to sit in my living room with a cat on my lap and stare out at the sunshine on bright white snow, and simply not think about anything.

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